Hello world!

My first words have to be those of gratitude, that I finally managed to get a blog started. I love to write and what better way to do it than to start a blog.  Well, here I am, finally able to share my social work mind with the world.  As the name suggests you guessed it, I am a social worker. I love all things social work: the academics behind it (principles,methods,application),the legislation behind it (yes,the Acts) and the different areas of practice. I currently work with behavior problem children in residential care and that my fellow readers is what led me to realise that there is more to me than social work!!!!

Why do i sound unhappy,a bit cynical??It is because it drains the soul out of me, it leaves me wondering why I chose the profession to begin with. However I would not be me without the children I work with, they define me everyday,they test me and allow me to grow to my highest potential. I am fulfilled.

Dont fret, this blog is about my social work mind. It will show you that although one devotes their entire day to helping others, they are still a human being with their own life and problems that need solving. How do I handle it all? You will know on my journeys here….