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Where are my manners?

I grew up in an African household where I was taught to always greet my elders respectfully and when I meet adults whom I do not know, to introduce myself properly and politely.

So in honour of an age-old tradition of respect and salutations, I greet everyone who is reading this blog. Allow me to introduce myself to the new readers and reintroduce myself to the older ones. If I was at home, I would be greeting you by clapping my hands as shown in the image below:


Image from http://www.thevillageculture.blogspot.com


I would be clapping my hands together in a rhythm that Shona people [my native Zimbabwean tribe] will understand. The way you cup your hands and clap them makes a certain sound that sounds like bu bu bu, sort of like the sound of a small drum. Greeting in this way is a form of respect especially when greeting elder people.

I go by the name Getrude Dadirai Gwenzi, and I was born in Zimbabwe on the first day of the year 1986 (Yes, I am a New Year baby : -) I have been blogging since 2012 and this year my blog is 6 years old. My middle name Dadirai is Shona and according to This Is My Baby Name website it means be a show off. It is a word used in response to the other person showing off to you or being prideful, and you respond by saying “go ahead, show off” :-). what a name. I guess my mother was showing her inner strength against all the people who were looking down on her and making her feel less than when she was pregnant with me. On reflection, I realise she passed on that same attitude to me as I really do not pay attention to people who think and act as if they are better than me.

I was raised in Zimbabwe, first in a township called Chitungwiza in Harare (Zimbabwe’s capital) before we moved to a small town called Mvurwi. Mvurwi has town status but it is generally surrounded by farms. My mother is a nurse, a farmer and the most extraordinary woman, I am glad to get to call her mum. I will forever be grateful for the home she created for us, about 100km away from the hustle and bustle of Harare. Mvurwi is the place my family has called home for the past two decades and it really is a beautiful place. See the images below:

Pamvura Cottage Mvurwi


There is so much more to know about me, but since this was just a greeting I will end here for today. I am one of those people who cringe when they meet a stranger for the first time and the stranger goes on and on about themselves for a long time.  So, I will not be one of those people. To those who already know me, well, I am practicing the less is more concept these days :-).

I am looking forward to sharing more about where I come from in this #MyAFricaMyWords blog everyday challenge.

Day 2 done and dusted.