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Doing better at being happier…

I haven’t managed it yet, but I wish I could. It is just a realisation that I honestly need to step up my happiness game. Easier said than done but I have a couple of things that have jolted my memory to remind me of all the reasons why I should be happy:

How far I have come

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Anyone who knew me, say ten years ago, can attest to the fact that I have come a long way. There is this song that is driving me nuts these days by Nathaniel Bassey This God is too good where he says “Don’t look too far to see how good he is, just look at me…” Those lyrics get me all the time. I have had it good over the years, I have come through fire literally, considering my shady past. This is a very good reason to be happy because I can look back and thank God for how far I have come.

I have a good life

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This depends on your definition of “a good life”, but by my own standards and not in comparison to anyone else, I think I do have a good life. I can pay my bills and manage to eat everyday. At the moment, I can afford to travel at least once a year, which is something I enjoy doing.   When you get to a point of needing nothing materially, which is how I can describe how I feel right now, then there is a lot to be grateful for honestly. Of course, anyone reading this might feel that there is a lot that we need in our lives, but I have learned to not need things I can live without. So you might see me without the latest car or not living in the most sought-after apartment or house and feel that I still “need something”.  In my opinion most material things are “wants” not “needs” and where I feel comfortable is where I am the most happy.

Good Health

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I cannot overstate the importance of this one. After I submitted my first draft in December 2018, I fell sick for at least two weeks from exhaustion and fatigue. I hate being ill because it limits what I can do and where I can go. We take for granted that we can move our limbs at will and dance when we feel like it, because we are healthy. I listened to a sermon by TD Jakes where he spoke about a digestive tract disease which makes it impossible for you to digest your food. We take things like being able to eat and process our food for granted, only because our body parts are working perfectly at the moment.  I have every reason to be happy for my health because even wealth cannot be enjoyed by someone who is lying in a hospital bed.

The people in my life

My clique, though small is the absolute best. It includes my blood family and families I have made over the years, my friends. I like to keep my circle small and exclusive, only because we have been through so much together and I just cannot imagine life without them. They make me happy because when I feel down, for any reason or other, I can always call one of them and have a chat that will surely uplift me. We motivate each other to always be the best versions of ourselves and I guess we are trying to figure out this life thing together. I am also grateful for good conversations with the right people. These can turn any gloomy day into one full of sunshine.

Sunflower during Sunset

It is not always easy to remember the things or people that make us happy, but I think I need to try each and everyday to do this exercise. Counting my blessings helps to change my mindset from being disappointed, defeated and sad to a mindset filled with expectation of a bright future, victory in our pursuits and knowledge that I can always choose happiness.


Hope this inspires you as it inspired me.


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New Year…Old Me!!!

New year, Old Me…literally. On the first day of each year I am a year older. I am one of those special New Year babies and twenty something years later, I still feel like a little princess every birthday. So when everyone is celebrating the beginning of the year I also celebrate my birthday and its double blessings every year for me. But its also a lot of pressure, I get to begin the year with a reminder that I am not getting any younger on top of all my New Year resolutions.

Happy Birthday to me!!
Happy Birthday to me!!

So this year on the 1st of January 2015 I was away from my family and friends for the first time. I always celebrated my birthday with my family since it falls during holiday season. I thought I would be sad on the day but I actually had an amazing first-time-in-Europe New Year. I have an amazing group of new friends who brought cake and sang Happy birthday!!! So even though my family was not here I still found love with my new found family. There is nothing worse than being alone on New Years Eve and I am glad I had a whole church family with me this year…I did my countdown at Grace Church in Ireland. It was an amazing experience and quite different from the countdown that I had been used to in my younger years…in the club and usually not very sober. I am glad to be older this year because I really have put away a lot of childish things.

I always hear people say close to the end of each year, “New Year, New Me”!!! And I know we all want to believe that we can become better versions of ourselves with the dawn of each New Year. It symbolizes hope and faith in ourselves. And even though at the end of the year none of the resolutions have been fulfilled, we still shout the same on New Years and make new resolutions or repeat the same ones from four/five years ago. That s the beauty of human nature. We live, we fail, we get up and we start again. We don’t really have a choice. Or maybe we do but this seems to be the way things have been going for a while.

I don’t know what 2015 has in store for me. I do know that it will be amazing. I suspect a lot of ups and downs because what is life without a few bumps along the way right? That is how I grow and learn so I say BRING IT ON!!! I have many things I wish would happen for me this year. I also know I have to put in a lot of work in order for my dreams to materialize.

New Year, OLDer Me!!!
New Year, OLDer Me!!!

I am blessed to have life. i just want to find a way to live it abundantly..to the fullest if I can!!! I owe that to myself.

Hope you started the New Year on a positive note!!! If you did ride that happy wave. If not, I hope things will turn around for you!!!

Stay blessed.