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Doing better at being happier…

I haven’t managed it yet, but I wish I could. It is just a realisation that I honestly need to step up my happiness game. Easier said than done but I have a couple of things that have jolted my memory to remind me of all the reasons why I should be happy:

How far I have come

Winding Road Photography

Anyone who knew me, say ten years ago, can attest to the fact that I have come a long way. There is this song that is driving me nuts these days by Nathaniel Bassey This God is too good where he says “Don’t look too far to see how good he is, just look at me…” Those lyrics get me all the time. I have had it good over the years, I have come through fire literally, considering my shady past. This is a very good reason to be happy because I can look back and thank God for how far I have come.

I have a good life

coffee, cup, morning

This depends on your definition of “a good life”, but by my own standards and not in comparison to anyone else, I think I do have a good life. I can pay my bills and manage to eat everyday. At the moment, I can afford to travel at least once a year, which is something I enjoy doing.   When you get to a point of needing nothing materially, which is how I can describe how I feel right now, then there is a lot to be grateful for honestly. Of course, anyone reading this might feel that there is a lot that we need in our lives, but I have learned to not need things I can live without. So you might see me without the latest car or not living in the most sought-after apartment or house and feel that I still “need something”.  In my opinion most material things are “wants” not “needs” and where I feel comfortable is where I am the most happy.

Good Health

Blue Shorts

I cannot overstate the importance of this one. After I submitted my first draft in December 2018, I fell sick for at least two weeks from exhaustion and fatigue. I hate being ill because it limits what I can do and where I can go. We take for granted that we can move our limbs at will and dance when we feel like it, because we are healthy. I listened to a sermon by TD Jakes where he spoke about a digestive tract disease which makes it impossible for you to digest your food. We take things like being able to eat and process our food for granted, only because our body parts are working perfectly at the moment.  I have every reason to be happy for my health because even wealth cannot be enjoyed by someone who is lying in a hospital bed.

The people in my life

My clique, though small is the absolute best. It includes my blood family and families I have made over the years, my friends. I like to keep my circle small and exclusive, only because we have been through so much together and I just cannot imagine life without them. They make me happy because when I feel down, for any reason or other, I can always call one of them and have a chat that will surely uplift me. We motivate each other to always be the best versions of ourselves and I guess we are trying to figure out this life thing together. I am also grateful for good conversations with the right people. These can turn any gloomy day into one full of sunshine.

Sunflower during Sunset

It is not always easy to remember the things or people that make us happy, but I think I need to try each and everyday to do this exercise. Counting my blessings helps to change my mindset from being disappointed, defeated and sad to a mindset filled with expectation of a bright future, victory in our pursuits and knowledge that I can always choose happiness.


Hope this inspires you as it inspired me.


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What drives me?

This is a commonly asked question in social circles: what drives you? There are different variations to it, such as what motivates you to get out bed in the morning or what do you live for? Which reminds me of this quote that says happiness is having:

something to do

someone to love and,

                        something to live for -Immanuel Kant

When it comes to having something to live for; that thing that is our life’s purpose and goal, it is one thing to say “I am driven by my life’s purpose” and yet another to actually mean it.  When asked this question, people often speak of passion and following their dreams but for most of us coming from African nations, our driving force is survival.

This may sound negative or limiting. I don’t mean that most African youths do not have dreams. For sure we do and we dare to dream big dreams. Some of us are fortunate to live out those dreams in our lifetime, but the reality is that the majority of young Africans, especially the marginalised and the poor, will tell you that every day is a race for survival.  Our main goal is to survive another day and live well enough to be able to take care of our loved ones. Most of it is to do with our governance structures and a lot of my friends, who are part of the African diaspora, will tell you about the black tax phenomenon. Black tax is a colloquial term for sharing your salary with family and making sure that they are well taken care of before considering taking care of yourself Source.

As for me, I can say that I am driven by the need to make sure me and my own are well cared for. My main goal is to live a comfortable life and basically survive. I have personal dreams and ambitions, but none of these are driven by my own selfish ambitions. I cannot afford to have selfish ambitions because in our culture, when one of us makes it, the whole tribe makes it. Well, tribe might be an exaggeration, but close to it. My close family is my tribe so to speak. Everything that I do, for instance, my pursuit for a higher education, is not only to improve my standard of living, but most importantly, it is so that I can be able to provide for myself and those that I love.

Now it is your turn…

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Image from https://everynation.org.sg

A trip to Namibia…

This post is dedicated to my most recent escape to the Namibian desert.:) I decided to take a quick break from my stressful fieldwork and travel to Namibia for a week. I am grateful for the chance to go where I want to go when the mood strikes. I will be the first to say my life hasn’t always been this flexible and I do not take it for granted.

At the airport

My plan was to go camel-riding and quad-biking in Swakopmund, and I got to do just that. The experience was surreal. I still haven’t found the right words to describe how I felt riding atop the majestic animal known as the camel. I was scared at times, thinking at any moment, the animal could just take off running with me. Thank God, they are well-trained and did not take off running.

The camel was posing better than me, they are wonderful beasts.

The quad-biking was just pure adrenaline. As we went up and down the sand dunes, it felt like I was flying. Nothing I have experienced so far can compare to that (trust me, I have been bungy-jumping and it still doesn’t compare).


I also got to spend some priceless moments with old friends and some new friends I met in Namibia during my trip.

You can see from my smile that it was happy days…


I went there drained, close to research burn-out, and I came back rejuvenated.  The most important moments for me were the moments of quiet, where I was alone with my thoughts and facing the beauty of God’s work. The sea and the expanse of the desert, stretching to God-knows-where, did wonders for my soul. You just need to experience it for yourself, because words will not suffice.

Smiling from the inside…

My life has been amazing so far. I have experienced exhilarating pleasure in different places and I know there will be more after this. I am the kind of person that lives for moments like these. My life is far from perfect, but give me a new destination and some free time, and I am ALIVE.  What traveling to a new destination does for me can only be compared to the feeling of a child opening a new toy.  I don’t even need people to validate my experience or be with me in that moment. Leave me on an island, or desert (after this experience) and I am all good.

Do travel when you get the chance. It’s amazing.

I am back to reality now, in Zimbabwe continuing work on my project. But, I came back with a new energy and it is because I dared to take a few days off.  And trust me when I say everything else can wait. Your mental and spiritual health is important.

If you want to know more about the places I visited in Namibia (restaurants and the like), drop me a message. It is a lovely place to visit and the people are so friendly. Transport is easily available and the locals try to converse in English with visitors. You will not feel lost in Namibia.

Till next time,


Wisdom from a 30 year old…

Coming of age has a certain kind of wisdom that it brings. Call it experience or as the say in Shona “Kurauone”, translated “Grow up and See”. Literally, growing up, seeing and analysing the world I live in has taught me a thing or two…maybe a hundred.

I feel so old but I am just 30 years old. This is because of the never ending experiences of life that I have encountered. My mind is not just full of experiences, I am taking lessons from those experiences, good or bad.

One thing that has stuck to my mind all day and prompted this blog post is my most recent stroke of wisdom. I recently discovered that I despise wealth that comes without happiness. It is actually true that money does not buy happiness or love. This led me to conclude that I would rather be in a pauper’s house where there is love and happiness than be in a mansion where there is neither. I would rather laugh my lungs out after a $1 meal with people that I love around me than to be alone in a big house, surrounded by walls and silence. This might sound crazy because we all know the comforts that money can bring. We all want those comforts, the nice cars, the nice houses and the cash. But the ingredients of a happy soul are not made out of material things. Happiness, I have learnt comes from being happy with what you have and loving the people that love you and even those who don’t and this comes from forgiveness. When we don’t forgive, we let bitterness fester in our hearts and we cannot be happy from the inside. Loving ourselves as we are and not caring about what society thinks about us…these are the ingredients of happiness. Not the big empty house…no one wants to come home to that.

Am I happy at this present moment? DOUBLE YEAH!!! Because I love myself and the life I have been blessed with.

If you are reading this, I hope you can count at least three things that made you happy today. If not, try to do better tomorrow.








I’m sitting in a room somewhere in Europe…in the dark staring outside the window. It’s almost 12 midnight.

I wonder, is this what life is about? Is this what I have become? Is this all there is?

I wonder at the emptiness in my heart…but then its fleeting because when I count my blessings my heart is filled.

Life is full of paradoxes..one minute I am sad, the next I am on a joyful high…

Why do I let people control my emotions? Why do I let people have so much power to alter my mood?

You call me heartless…I hear you. Maybe I am because I haven’t allowed myself to feel.

But ask the guy from a few months ago…I felt something for him.So I think I just have the wisdom to know that I cannot fall for everyone I meet.

This is not about love though, this is about life… I really wish I could care what someone else thinks of me.

I really wish I could apologize for being who I am…

Why is love…those three words “I love you”…why are they so important?

Maybe I am the one who needs help…

As I stare outside my window at a few minutes to midnight.

Silence has a way of communicating, maybe if I listen longer I will find the answers…198

I know myself because I have dared to be silent and stare at nothing….

My week in London!!

At Picadilly Circus…it was freezing and raining but that did not stop me from exploring…

A big thank you to my hosts and family in London. Words cannot explain the time I had. I decided a pictorial will do the trick as I would need a whole book to describe how I felt about this trip. I thank God for the opportunity to step into the land of my former colonizers, the United Kingdom.  Just had to see it for myself…So as the saying goes…I came,  I saw, I conquered. In Latin “veni, vidi, vici”. I have a feeling I will be back soon. More pics on my IG @jusgee_gee


Always have time for a selfie…I went into a restaurant to get away from the cold for a bit before continuing my tour
Streets in Central London are busy…
I changed my honeymoon destination...The Savoy hotel it is now #dearfuturehubby
I changed my honeymoon destination…The Savoy hotel it is now #dearfuturehubby
Highlight of my trip, had sadza at the Zimbabwe House (embassy of Zimbabwe in London)...best sadza iv had in years. Only Fridays after six, they also play Zim music..it felt like home...
Highlight of my trip, had sadza at the Zimbabwe House (embassy of Zimbabwe in London)…best sadza iv had in years. Only Fridays after six, they also play Zim music..it felt like home…
View of London from the London Eye...must see.
View of London from the London Eye…must see.
A lil bit of crazy..on the London Eye
A lil bit of crazy..on the London Eye
London Eye at night...
London Eye at night…

The new world!!!Is it really worth it?

Another one of those posts in the wee hours of the morning when sleep eludes me. Quite frankly a lot of things have been eluding me lately but I choose to focus on the positive and not allow the thief of joy to have any victory.

I see the world and lately I have been observing it with a different eye. I realize that it is a bottomless pit, a place filled with idolatry of so called celebrities and role models created by the media. I have seen how obsessive we have become with pictures and enjoying the fact that every detail of our lives is so bare for all to see. I have been looking at how preoccupied we all have become with each other’s lives but not even the real ones; but the ones shown on social media.

I find all this exhausting and have concluded that is not the happiness I seek. I have reason to believe there must be an alternative. A different place with different values that may be more meaningful. A quieter place where a person’s worth is measured by his good deeds and not by his dress or material things. A place where real conversation takes place and people genuinely care about what you have to say. A place where success is measured by hard work and not popularity or how many followers one has on instagram or twitter. A place where we can all value who we are based on ourselves and not what others think of us. I miss the simple old days when people read books or shared folktales by the fire place. I even miss getting a love letter in the post…

At the end of the day our lives will not be measured with the world’s measure. So it is a pointless pursuit. I am beginning to understand some of the teachings in the Bible, especially on the dangers of conforming to world standards.

Matthew 6:33 King James Version (KJV)

33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.