The year 2016: my reflection.

2016 started off on a bad note for me but I am happy to say I am ending it better than I started it. How does one know whether its been a good year or a bad year? For me and others I have seen blogging about the end of 2016; it's about counting the [...]


“We are going to be excellent, not mediocre”

The above quote by Joyce Meyer (from the book "The Confident Woman") has just breathed life back into my world. If anything could make me more energetic, its the reminder that I am going to be excellent, not mediocre. That's my God-given destiny. What is the point of doing anything at all if you are [...]

“Hong Kong culture more classist than racist”

I have been living in Hong Kong for a month now. I have been observing this society with interest and making my own observations so that I do not succumb to generalizations and assumptions of how Chinese people are or ought to be. I want to tackle the subject  of racism which was really sparked [...]