A culture of silence.

We have a culture of silence within the African society. We have become accustomed to brushing things under the carpet. Things that when revealed would shock the people we try so hard to impress with our decency. We are so used to pretending that we are decent instead of actually being decent. We are concealing … Continue reading A culture of silence.


Passionate Pain

Today was a hard day at work...I love social work, really I do but on days like today the pain of the work is real. The world's problems are real, social problems are real, individual problems are real!!!At times the reality is painful to register, painful to comprehend and painful to deal with. Rape for … Continue reading Passionate Pain


    Its Friday 08/02/2013 and I attended an event hosted by the District 6 Museum in support of the One Billion Rising campaign. This campaign is aimed at creating global awareness on violence against women and children and saying STOP, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! I was excited to be part of this initiative as I … Continue reading WE RISE!!!!